master healer | energy amplifier | manifestation 


The universe has blessed Mother Earth with an abundance of this master healer crystal. Quartz is incredibly versatile because of its ability to amplify whatever intentions or energies you program into it. By taking your intentions and energies and broadcasting them into the universe, quartz helps you manifest exactly what you need for your spiritual journey. Quartz is also a deep soul cleanser; it eliminates our inner negativity and replaces them with positive thoughts.

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Pictured: Amie & Jhene


alleviating fear | willpower | self-understanding

Red calcite supports us in alleviating fear while helping us understand where that fear comes from. As you work through your fears, red calcite aids willpower and uplifts positive emotion

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Pictured: Janice


emotional healing | love | relationship strengthening

Rhodochrosite is a striking pink stone of selfless love and compassion. It’s a true healing stone, gently brining painful and repressed feelings to the surface so we can acknowledge and release them. The loving energy allows us to be compassionately critical of our experiences so that we can identify ongoing patterns, understand their purpose, and heal from them. Rhodochrosite is also especially helpful for those who feel unloved because it nurtures the heart and strengthens relationships.

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Pictured: Rhodochrosite Goddess Necklace


empathy | self-love | compassion

Rose quartz’s soft feminine energy provides us with compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing. Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz dissolves emotional wounds, fears, and resentments and reawakens the heart to its own innate love. It also opens up the heart so that we have the capacity to give and receive love from those around us.

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rose quartz goddess 01.jpg

Pictured: Rose Quartz Goddess Necklace


passion | vigor | chasing joy

Ruby is a captivating stone that encourages passion and vigor in life, but never in a self-destructive way. It encourages us to chase what brings us joy and stimulates and balances the heart chakra.

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Pictured: Nadine


wisdom | self-discipline | intuition

With such a regal blue color, it’s no wonder that Sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom, prophecy, and royalty. Sapphire sharpens the mind, allowing us to develop self-discipline for mental focus or building new routines. A true stone of wisdom, sapphire also opens up our mind to strengthen our intuition as we search for honesty, integrity, and truth.

Pictured: Malia


purification | detoxification | emf protection

Shungite is one of the most powerful mineral healers. Found in Russia, this elusive black stone has electricity conducting properties that allow it to absorb electromagnetic fields (EMFs). EMFs are the result of electromagnetic radiation, which is commonly emitted by the tech devices we surround ourselves with everyday: TVs, phones, computers. Chronic EMF exposure can lead to biological changes in the body, so its helpful to reduce exposure as much as possible! I know many of us can’t stay away from tech because of our lives are so dependent on it, but that’s where shungite comes in! Shungite absorbs EMFs, zapping them before they can harm your energetic field! Shungite clears our space of bad energy, but it’s helpful for the spirit too - it purifies the soul of toxic energy and cleanses us of negativity.

Pictured:Shungite Hoops


grounding | letting go | energy stabilizing 

Smoky quartz is the perfect stone for stabilizing your energy. It’s vibrations connect and ground you to the supportive energy of the Earth and purifies your energetic field of negative energies. Smoky quartz also supports you in releasing the past and moving forward in a higher state of being.

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Pictured: Geo Hoops


mental strength | clarity | truth 

Sodalite is a captivating stone that is perfect for mental strength and cleansing. It clears mental confusion and helps us release old mental conditioning and rigid mindsets that hold us back from living life fully. As it clears the mind, it creates space to receive new information and encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, and intuition. Sodalite’s powerful energy also supports us in standing up for what we believe in and staying true to our values.

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Pictured: Nectar


joy | being present | humor

Strawberry quartz allows us to live consciously and joyfully in every moment. It brings divine love to everything we do and helps us find humor in all situations.

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Pictured: Mahal


passion | personal power | leadership

Sunstone’s energies are connected to the sun, the most powerful source of light and positive energy we can conceive. If you feel like you’ve lost your excitement for life, sunstone’s uplifting energy will bring back passion, excitement, and creativity while reminding you that the gift of life is meant to be savored. Sunstone will clear limitations and negative energies and replace them with light and high vibrations to renew your sense of personal power, inner light, and joy. It is also known as the “stone of leadership,” making it an excellent crystal for those needing to tap into their own source of power to be of light and service to others.

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Pictured: Elleanor


passion | joy |inner child

This beautiful orange variation of quartz stimulates the joyful energy of our inner child, bringing playfulness and curiosity into our lives. Connected to the sacral chakra, tangerine quartz also activates passion in multiple dimensions of our lives, from sexuality to creativity. Emotionally, tangerine quartz supports us in releasing shame and blame and instills hope through struggle.

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Pictured: Janice


living in the moment | self-care | head-heart balance 

This gorgeous purple stone has extremely high vibrations that help us live consciously in the now. Tanzanite brings harmony to huge fluctuations in energy, making it perfect for those with a lot on their plate. When you’re overworked, tanzanite gives you the courage to take time for self-care and restoration. It’s also a wonderful crystal for balancing the heart and mind, teaching us how to live with a compassionate heart and an illuminated mind.

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Pictured: Gianna


protection | willpower | self-worth

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that has been traditionally used to ward off curses. Tiger’s Eye heals usl from issues of self-worth and self-criticism by helping us recognize our inner resources. As we push past these limitation, it assists us in accomplishing our goals.

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Pictured: Tiger's Eye Protector Necklace


vision | growth | healing

Unakite is the stone of vision. It helps us look within to to understand how our past contributes to our blockages. When we’ve gained these insights, unakite gently clears the energies that inhibit our spiritual and psychological growth.

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Pictured: Liesel