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making crystals more wearable + style more intentional.

I believe in the healing power of crystals, one of mother nature's greatest gifts to us. at woundedhealingart, I strive to create jewelry that will grace you with the energy you need to reach your fullest potential. whether you're a crystal expert or just getting started with using crystals in your journey, woundedhealingart is here to inspire you to think more intentionally both about style and what you need for your healing.



happy 2021!

2020 was definitely a tough year. but despite the pain, there was a lot of learning, unlearning, and healing. i'm so excited to enter a new year with you all + continue creating beautiful crystal jewelry to bring you the energy you need to enter this year with love, joy, and life. 



check out my new variants in old favorites!




2021 doesn't mean the pandemic is over. keep yourself + your communities safe with our beautiful face masks! each mask is CDC-compliant with multiple layers, nose bridge, and filter pocket and comes with a pair of crystal studs! 

masks are made in collaboration with my auntie, EllenSewFresh



woundedhealingart crystal directory

crystals are mother nature's gift to us. their energies have the power to produce profound shifts in our mental, emotional, and physical being, making them an incredible tool to support our healing + growth. explore different crystals to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your energetic needs!


latest collection


a collection to celebrate the holiday season, inspired by modern fashion jewelry - just restocked!

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