grounding | stability | centering

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When the stresses of daily life leave us feeling scattered, Agate’s gentle frequencies anchor us to the Earth so that we can slow down and recenter ourselves. Keep agate close to bring stability to your busy life and allow its stress-relieving properties to ground you so that you can navigate the world with more grace and ease.

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Pictured: Celestial


living your best life | truth | releasing fear of judgement

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Amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth. It empowers you to find the truth within yourself and helps you move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with your truths. She gives us the courage to freely express our thoughts and feelings, and strengthens us as we set boundaries.

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Pictured: Tala (manuzon x woundedhealingart)


protection | soul connection | healing

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals, and for good reason! Nicknamed the “all healer,” amethyst works its magic by absorbing negative energy and transforming it into more loving, gentle energy to return to the universe. It’s high frequency purifies our aura and helps ease our mental anxieties. Amethyst is also perfect for helping us connect more deeply to ourselves -  it initiates exploration of our soul’s existence and helps us understand the root cause of our behaviors so that we can facilitate positive growth within ourselves.

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Pictured: Veronica (manuzon x woundedhealingart)


calm | soul cleansing | trust in the universe

With its name meaning “water of the sea,” aquamarine connects us to Earth’s life-giving water element. Let aquamarine’s calming energy cleanse your soul by helping you release toxic old patterns. As it rejuvenates your spirit, aquamarine will inspire you to overcome resistance toward the unknown and trust whatever the universe sends your way

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Pictured: Aquamarine Goddess Necklace


abundance | opportunity | optimism


Aventurine gets its name from the Italian word aventura, which means “by chance.” Keep aventurine around when you want to manifest abundance because it will align the universe in ways that present you with opportunity. Aventurine promotes a zest and optimism for life so that when you are presented with an opportunity, you’ll be able to move forward with confidence to embrace change. It also helps us release toxic old patterns, habits, and disappointments so we can leap into new chapters of our lives as better versions of ourselves.

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Pictured: Maria


purification | protection | alignment

Black tourmaline is an incredibly strong energy cleanser that deflects and dispels negative energy. It purifies your spirit by neutralizing negative thoughts and internal conflicts and transforming them into positive energy. Aside from cleansing our internal being, black tourmaline also purifies our environment by absorbing harmful electromagnetic radiation. Black tourmaline’s protective and supportive energy will align your energy centers, leaving you feeling grounded, confident, and empowered.

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Pictured: Custom Order


ambition | independence | personal power

Blue apatite’s powerful energy is incredible for helping you tap into your personal power. As such, it clears away mental and emotional blockages like apathy, confusion, and negativity and replaces them with a sense of independence and ambitiousness. Blue apatite also helps us overcome self-consciousness and alienation while promoting openness and social ease so we feel powerful and confident as we navigate the world.

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Pictured: Victoria


self-improvement | mental clarity | manifestation

Blue topaz is the perfect crystal for those who want to become the best version of themselves and are ready to embark on a journey toward fulfilling their wildest dreams. It inspires creativity, truth, and mental clarity, putting you in the right headspace to decide what you want and don’t want in life. Blue topaz also stimulates confidence and the ability to think through complex ideas so that you can boss up and overcome anything the universe throws your way.

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Pictured: Nadine


speaking your truth | finding purpose | communication


Kyanite’s power lies in the ways its energy supports you in owning and speaking your truth. As a crystal of connection, Kyanite also bridges gaps in communication so we can work through disputes or repair damaged relationships. Kyanite helps you connect to yourself as well! its frequency encourages you to examine all the knowledge, experiences, interests, and skills that create the uniqueness of your being, and how all of that can be used in a life-giving vocation.

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anna | blue kyanite goddess necklace

Pictured: Blue Kyanite Goddess Necklace


vitality | creativity | staying grounded in the present

Carnelian is a high vibration crystal that grounds and anchors you to the present reality. It breathes life into those who feel apathetic by restoring vitality, increasing motivation, and stimulating creativity.

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Pictured: Annelliese


joy | manifesting abundance | motivation


Citrine’s vibrant energy fills the spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations. This cheerful, uplifting stone is a powerful energy tool for manifesting abundance because it boosts optimism, increases motivation and perseverance, and strengthens mental output, all of which are needed to work toward your goals.

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Pictured: Nadine


transitions | perspective | insight

Known as the “stone of transformation,” charoite gives you strength as you navigate big life transitions. It bestows powerful insight and gives you the strength to overcome resistance you have toward change. Charoite also helps you release deep seated fears and offers perspective as to why things are the way that they are.

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Pictured: Lani Silver