custom orders 

handcrafted with your intentions in mind.

custom orders allow me to work with you one-on-one to create a crystal jewelry piece that is perfect for you. whether you have a design idea in mind with sketches ready or you'd like me to surprise you with a brand new design, each custom order is thoughtfully crafted in collaboration with you. 

designed with love, care, and passion.

here's how the custom order process goes down: 

1. submit a request below telling me about yourself + what you're looking for in a custom piece. 

2. once i've read the form, i'll contact you to confirm that i've received your order and that i'm ready to get started. 

3. i'll create some design ideas, give you a list of crystal options and send those your way for you to review. 

4. once we decide on a design, i'll get to work with making it and/or ordering the necessary supplies.

* if your order requires supplies or crystals i don't currently have, i will collect a deposit from you that corresponds to the price of your materials.

5. i'll send you photos of your piece for your approval. once you absolutely love it, i'll collect the final payment and your order will be shipped to you!  


pricing for custom orders is based on the materials needed for your piece and amount of labor that goes into creating it for you. in general, custom orders will range from $30-$60. pricing will be discussed with full transparency with you before you are charged.


I need some time to catch up on existing custom orders and plan my November & December releases. Please check this page again in late November.

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