Abby is part of the anniversary collection - a collection of 12 earrings to celebrate 12 months sharing my craft, passion, and love with you all.


This is another set representing where I'd like to go design-wise with woundedhealingart in the next year. These studs feature sunstone, known as the stone of leadership. When i think of leaders, one of the first people to come to mind is my dear friend, Abby. I honor her with this piece, especially as we enter leo season and she ushers in an exciting new chapter in her life (hellllo, PhD program)!



black lives matter. while systemic change is absolutely necessary to eliminate the ugliness of anti-black racism, change starts with you. need some help with how to start confronting anti-blackness in your community? check out this great, easy to navigate resource. 



made with sunstone 

sunstone’s energies are connected to the sun, the most powerful source of light and positive energy we can conceive. If you feel like you’ve lost your excitement for life, sunstone’s uplifting energy will fill you with life and bring back passion, excitement, and creativity while reminding you that the gift of life is meant to be savored. Sunstone will clear limitations and negative energies and replace them with light and high vibrations to renew your sense of personal power, inner light, and joy. It is also known as the “stone of leadership,” making it an excellent crystal for those needing to tap into their own source of power to be of light and service to others.