Bloom Into Your Truth

The Back to Basics Collection is a celebration of my 2nd year business anniversary! For this collection, I’ve created simple, everyday staple pieces so that you can always wear a little crystal magic, no matter what the occasion is!


These lotus hoops with blue kyanite stray away from the "simple" pieces theme of the collection a little bit, but since this collection is a celebration of my business anniversary, I wanted to create a sentimental piece as well! the lotus flower in this design honors two of my most popular designs in the last two years, Amie and Jhene. Blue kyanite is also super special because a few days before I opened my shop, I was gifted a piece of blue kyanite. It gave me all the power I needed to find my voice and confidently open woundedhealingart! 

Bloom Into Your Truth


made with blue kyanite 

Kyanite’s power lies in the ways its energy supports you in owning and speaking your truth. As a crystal of connection, Kyanite also bridges gaps in communication so we can work through disputes or repair damaged relationships. Kyanite helps you connect to yourself as well! its frequency encourages you to examine all the knowledge, experiences, interests, and skills that create the uniqueness of your being, and how all of that can be used in a life-giving vocation.