Camille is part of the anniversary collection, a collection of 12 earrings to celebrate 12 months sharing my craft, passion, and love with you all.


These peridot studs with gorgeous hammered hoops and chain details definitely represent a fresh burst of creativity. I always feel anxious that I'm one day going to run out of ideas for earring designs. When I realized that I could attach findings to studs the whole game changed! The possibilities are endless, and I'm so excited to bring these types of designs to woundedhealingart in the next year! 




black lives matter. while systemic change is absolutely necessary to eliminate the ugliness of anti-black racism, change starts with you. need some help with how to start confronting anti-blackness in your community? check out this great, easy to navigate resource.



made with peridot 

This heart-opening stone helps us pay closer attention to our physical, mental, and emotional life cycles. As you examine your past cycles, peridot supports you in admitting your mistakes, understanding the lessons you’ve learned, letting go of guilt, and forgiving yourself. It allows you to recognize and own the power you’ve developed through your growth and dissolves negative patterns and vibrations that keep you from continuing to grow. Peridot is also a wounded healer stone, allowing you to use the lessons you’ve learned on your path to facilitate healing in others.