Celestial is part of the hot girl summer collection, a collection designed to keep you feelin fly & high vibe, even during the age of the 'Rona ;) 


These statement druzy agate earrings are such an eye-catcher! The sun and moon charms honor the newfound connection I've felt to these beautiful, life-giving celestial bodies we often take for granted. 



made with colored druzy agate 

When the stresses of daily life leave us feeling scattered, Agate’s gentle frequencies anchor us to the Earth so that we can slow down and recenter ourselves. Keep agate close to bring stability to your busy life and allow its stress-relieving properties to ground you so that you can navigate the world with more grace and ease.


"Druzy" refers to the way the natural stone opens up to reveal teeny crystals and is a magical sight to see! These druzy agates have colored white with natrual dye. 

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