Diwata Bangles

The Back to Basics Collection is a celebration of my 2nd year business anniversary! For this collection, I’ve created simple, everyday staple pieces so that you can always wear a little crystal magic, no matter what the occasion is! 


Bangles are a new addition to woundedhealingart! Diwata means "goddess" in Tagalog, and these gorgeous bangles are sure to help you step into your own goddess power. 

Diwata Bangles


green apatite 

This gorgeous green, heart-opening stone supports us in staying balanced by communicating the wisdom of the mind with the emotion of the heart. Both wisdom and emotion are core to the human experience, and green apatite supports harmony between them. With green apatite’s energy around, you’ll be able to speak with wisdom of the mind and love radiating from the heart. This makes it an excellent crystal for supporting open communication!

blue lace agate 

Blue Lace Agate is a dreamy, soothing stone that is perfect for improving communication. It’s especially useful for folks who have difficulty being heard by others because it graces you with the confidence and articulation you need to own and speak your truth.