Hexagon Lariat Necklace

The hexagon lariat necklace is part of the FREE SPIRIT COLLECTION, a spring collection to officially celebrate my rebrand! With help from two incredible Pinay designers (Shara Nice Design Studio and Jahzz.Art, I've moved from a white, black, and gold color scheme with celestial-inspired graphics to a neutral + warm-toned color scheme with botanical-inspired graphics. 


A geometrical twist on the lariat necklace, made with green apatite to open the heart and promote balance. 

Hexagon Lariat Necklace


made with green apatite 

This gorgeous green, heart-opening stone supports us in staying balanced by communicating the wisdom of the mind with the emotion of the heart. Both wisdom and emotion are core to the human experience, and green apatite supports harmony between them. With green apatite’s energy around, you’ll be able to speak with wisdom of the mind and love radiating from the heart. This makes it an excellent crystal for supporting open communication!