JEMI is part of the SILVER COLLECTIONa gift to my silver loving customers! 


Named after one of my dearest friends, the Jemi earring is inspired by one of my Solace Collection designs and features pink opal hoops with cute dangling silver butterflies. 



made with pink opal 

Often known as “the stone of spiritual awakening,” this soft pink variety of opal is powerful when it comes to unlocking and activating the heart chakra. It is especially helpful in supporting those who are struggling with a broken heart due to severed relationships or the loss of a loved one. Its energies help you become more introspective, thus strengthening your connection to your inner self and aiding self-healing. As you connect more deeply to yourself, pink opal instills a sense of strong individuality and teaches you that relying heavily on loved ones is unnecessary when so much strength lies within.