Lani Silver

LANI SILVER is part of the SILVER COLLECTION, a gift to all my silver loving customers!


With over 70 pairs sold, the original Lanis in gold have been one of your favorites for the past year! I'm bringing the design to you in silver with two crystal options: labradorite and charoite

Lani Silver



At first glance, labradorite may look like a simple grey stone. But when you view it from certain perspectives, you can catch a glimpse at its striking blue iridescence. Labradorite supports us in learning this lesson in our own lives. When life seems dull and meaningless, labradorite’s energy helps you look for the light to see the magic in the universe and within yourself. Labradorite is also powerful for manifesting and setting intentions and will support you in working toward your limitless potential. 



Known as the “stone of transformation,” charoite gives you strength as you navigate big life transitions. It bestows powerful insight and gives you the strength to overcome resistance you have toward change. Charoite also helps you release deep seated fears and offers perspective as to why things are the way that they are.