Lariat Necklace - Quartz

elevate your energy and your style with this sophisticated lariat necklace made with clear quartz, the master healer! the crystal side of the necklace is strung through the loop to create a simple yet stunning look. you can wrap the chain around the loop several times too, making this necklace super customizable for the look you want to create. 

Lariat Necklace - Quartz


made with clear quartz 

The universe has blessed Mother Earth with an abundance of this master healer crystal. Quartz is incredibly versatile because of its ability to amplify whatever intentions or energies you program into it. By taking your intentions and energies and broadcasting them into the universe, quartz helps you manifest exactly what you need for your spiritual journey. Quartz is also a deep soul cleanser; it eliminates our inner negativity and replaces them with positive thoughts. 

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