liesel is part of the SOLACE COLLECTION, inspired by how folks have been connecting more deeply to nature as a source of joy + comfort during the pandemic, fight for racial justice, political turmoil, and climate crisis. Whether it’s going on hikes and camping trips or collecting an abundance of house plants, nature has been our solace.


plants have taught me so much about patience. i'll admit, i can get restless when i'm waiting around. but plants have shown me that instead of rushing the outcome, i should put all my energy into doing everything i can to produce the best result. these ball stud earrings with dangling unakite and a brass plant charm are named after my sis liesel, a fellow houseplant enthusiast and loving plant momma!


  • made with unakite 

    Unakite is the stone of vision. It helps us look within to to understand how our past contributes to our blockages. When we’ve gained these insights, unakite gently clears the energies that inhibit our spiritual and psychological growth.

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