makaela is part of the SOLACE COLLECTION, inspired by how folks have been connecting more deeply to nature as a source of joy + comfort during the pandemic, fight for racial justice, political turmoil, and climate crisis. Whether it’s going on hikes and camping trips or collecting an abundance of house plants, nature has been our solace.


Butterflies are a symbol that if we take the time to heal and nurture ourselves, we can transform into beautiful versions of ourselves. These wavy hoops with golden apatite and adorable butterfly ear wires are named after my cousin Makaela. I honor and respect her strength as she transforms into her most authentic self, despite the hurt and struggle. 




pink tourmaline 

This pink variant of tourmaline attracts love in both the physical and material worlds. It promotes peace and relaxation while providing assurance that it's safe to accept and trust in the power of love. By clearing emotional pain and destructive feelings, it allows us to jump start our journey toward radical self-love. As it cleanses our heart chakra, pink tourmaline reminds us that self-love is the key to being able to fully accept love from others.

golden apatite 

Golden apatite is perfect for those ready for a journey of self-reflection and improvement. It helps you dig deep and overcome what no longer serves you, remove and heal from energy blockages, and comforts you as you let go of past wounds. As you do this self-improvement work, golden apatite clears away confusion, apathy, and negativity while stimulating the intellect to expand knowledge and truth. Once you've transformed into your most authentic self, golden apatite provides you with a more lively, sociable, and optimistic attitude so you’re ready to take on the world as a new person.