Maria is part of the anniversary collection, which features 12 earrings to celebrate 12 months sharing my craft, passion, and love with you all.


This set of monstera earrings represent two important pieces of my journey through woundedhealingart so far. It's a clear homage to "plant mom," my monstera + clay studs that were always a hit at vending gigs, but it also honors the importance of custom orders and the beautiful things that come to life when you and I work together. This design was co-created with one of my custom order customers, Maria. I loved the synergy we had in creating this design! She gave me her initial ideas and I sketched a design for her. After some dope discussion, Maria sent me a sketch of her own idea, and this gorgeous, unique piece was born! 




black lives matter. while systemic change is absolutely necessary to eliminate the ugliness of anti-black racism, change starts with you. need some help with how to start confronting anti-blackness in your community? check out this great, easy to navigate resource.




made with aventurine 

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