mischelle is part of the SOLACE COLLECTION, inspired by how folks have been connecting more deeply to nature as a source of joy + comfort during the pandemic, fight for racial justice, political turmoil, and climate crisis. Whether it’s going on hikes and camping trips or collecting an abundance of house plants, nature has been our solace


One of my favorite places to buy plants is not from nurseries and garden stores, but from small, family-owned, home-based plant shops. One of me and my mom's favorite "plant dealers" is Mischelle. She sold me the most incredible, full, and healthy rhapidaphora tetresepermas for an incredible price, and it's one of my prized plants! 



made with peridot 

If you’ve recently done a lot of self improvement work, peridot assists you in synthesizing the lessons you’ve learned. Peridot also alleviates jealousy, resentment, and spite, replacing it with confidence. With peridot close by, you’ll be able to reflect on your past experiences and forgive yourself for harboring these negative feelings.