Mystic Necklace - Tangerine Quartz

this simple yet sophisticated necklace will elevate both your energy and your style! the "mystic design" is a stunning y-shaped necklace with a raw crystal pendant. this one has tangerine quartz to help you bring you passion and creativity and help you connect with your inner child . 


each crystal is a gift from mother earth and looks unique. be sure to review the second photo, choose the crystal that speaks to you, and select that in the "crystal options" section! 

Mystic Necklace - Tangerine Quartz

Crystal Options

made with tangerine quartz 

This beautiful orange variation of quartz stimulates the joyful energy of our inner child, bringing playfulness and curiosity into our lives. Connected to the sacral chakra, tangerine quartz also activates passion in multiple dimensions of our lives, from sexuality to creativity. Emotionally, tangerine quartz supports us in releasing shame and blame and instills hope through struggle.

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