Princess Necklace (20" gold chain)

20 inch gold-plated chain necklace with raw crystal pendant, currently available in: tangerine quartz, green calcite, druzy agate, aragonite, and ametrine


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Princess Necklace (20" gold chain)


tangerine quartz (#1) 

This beautiful orange variation of quartz stimulates the joyful energy of our inner child, bringing playfulness and curiosity into our lives. Connected to the sacral chakra, tangerine quartz also activates passion in multiple dimensions of our lives, from sexuality to creativity. Emotionally, tangerine quartz supports us in releasing shame and blame and instills hope through struggle.

Green Calcite (#2, #4)

Green calcite is a powerful stone for deepening your connection to your heart. By connecting to your heart, it shines a light on opportunities for healing and growth and provides insight on where to focus your emotions. This makes green calcite excellent for bringing positive change and self-improvement.

Druzy Agate (#3) 

When the stresses of daily life leave us feeling scattered, Agate’s gentle frequencies anchor us to the Earth so that we can slow down and recenter ourselves. Keep agate close to bring stability to your busy life and allow its stress-relieving properties to ground you so that you can navigate the world with more grace and ease.

Aragonite (#5) 

Aragonite is definitely a unique looking crystal with its incredible spike-like features! It is a stabilizing stone that centers and grounds our energy during times of stress. As such, it is great for helping you prepare for mediation. When you feel more grounded, you are able to dig deep and identify the root causes of any issues you need to meditate on. Aragonite also supports concentration, teaches acceptance and patience, and brings tolerance and flexibility to the mind.

Ametrine (#6) 

Ametrine combines the healing powers of amethyst and citrine. With the spiritual support of amethyst and the mental support of citrine, ametrine balances and harmonizes the mind and spirit. With harmony between the mind and spirit, we gain clarity to make better decisions, overcome resistance, and muster up the willpower to relentlessly pursue our goals. 

Watermelon Tourmaline 

This unique tourmaline variant gets its name from its pink and green coloration that’s reminiscent of watermelons! Watermelon tourmaline is a powerful heart stone that calms and soothes emotions and heals emotional wounds. It brings joy, happiness, and light to overcome anxiety and increase self-love and confidence.