SHARA is part of the FREE SPIRIT COLLECTION, a spring collection to officially celebrate my rebrand! With help from two incredible Pinay designers (Shara Nice Design Studio and Jahzz.Art, I've moved from a white, black, and gold color scheme with celestial-inspired graphics to a neutral + warm-toned color scheme with botanical-inspired graphics.


Shara is named after the graphic designer who helped me create my new logos, color scheme, and font suite! She's based in the Philippines, and our work together is a testament of the power of bridging across borders to create something special. 



made with garnet 

Garnet revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing you serenity or passion when appropriate. With its beautiful deep red color, it’s no surprise that it also inspires love and devotion. Garnet is also especially helpful in times of crisis; it fortifies, activates, and strengthens the survival instinct and brings courage and hope when situations seem hopeless.