stellar mask + crystal stud bundle

these mask + crystal stud bundles are part of the SOLACE COLLECTION,  inspired by how folks have been connecting more deeply to nature as a source of joy + comfort during the pandemic, fight for racial justice, political turmoil, and climate crisis. Whether it’s going on hikes and camping trips or collecting an abundance of house plants, nature has been our solace. 


COLLAB WITH @ELLENSEWFRESH | It wouldn't be a pandemic-inspired collection without offering something to keep ya'll safe and joyful during this time. I saw an IG story this summer about how uncomfortable it can be to wear earrings with a mask, and I agree! I immediately thought of making mask-friendly earrings. My Auntie Ellen lives above me and she and I are always on the same hustler wavelength - it’ll be 3:30AM and I hear her sewing machine running as I wrap crystals. The synergy was literally vibrating through my ceiling n I knew we just 𝘩𝘢𝘥 to collab! I selected 3 fabrics that go with my brand aesthetic and we worked together to create these reusable + washable masks with adjustable ear loops and non-rusting nose bridges to keep them secure on your face!

stellar mask + crystal stud bundle


100% cotton mask | adjustable ear loops | filter pocket | non-rusting nose bridge

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