anniversary collection | the anniversary collection features 12 earrings to celebrate 12 months sharing my craft, passion, and love with you all. these gorgeous drop hoops feature stunning amethyst points charged under a Lake Shasta full moon. 🌙 this set is intended to honor my amethyst collection released inearly february 2019! 


ft. amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals, and for good reason. Nicknamed the “all healer,” amethyst works its magic by absorbing negative energy and transforming it into more loving, gentle energy and puts it out into the universe. It’s high frequency purifies our aura and helps ease our mental anxieties. Amethyst is also perfect for helping us connect more deeply to ourselves -  It helps us understand the root cause of our behaviors so that we can facilitate positive growth within ourselves and initiates exploration of our soul’s existence. 


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