wholesale orders

sell woundedhealingart @ your shop!

With customers all over the US and in several countries, my jewelry is well-known and loved. It's my genuine hope that selling woundedhealingart products will attract foot traffic and new customers to your shop, so I'll announce our collaboration on social media and to our email list. I'll also provide the link to your shop in my "shop in stores" page on our website!

why stock woundedhealingart?

wholesale pricing

I offer a 40% discount on each product ordered in wholesale quantities. For large wholesale orders, I also offer an additional discount on the grand total in the following tiers: 

  • 25 or more products: 5% off grand total 

  • 30 or more products: 10% off grand total 

  • 75 or more products: 15% off grand total

Orders in or around the Bay Area will be hand-delivered to your shop, but you can also opt to have the order shipped to you. Orders for stores outside of the Bay Area and Northern California regions will be shipped at a $10 flat rate. 

wholesale catalog

pdf version of catalog is also linked on the wholesale order form linked below.